Why Am I So Tired All The Time – Surprising Secrete of 2024

Do you often feel tired? Don’t do much work yet get tired quickly? Or do you not feel like doing any work? It is not necessary that the reason for your laziness and fatigue is only weakness. Frequent fatigue can be a sign of many diseases ranging from wrong lifestyle. So let’s understand why am I so tired all the time, especially after COVID in 2022.

Why Am I So Tired All The Time

Generally, people who suffer from the problem of getting tired very quickly, there is a deficiency of certain elements in their body.

Why Am I So Tired All The Time
Why Am I So Tired All The Time
  • Anaemia
  • Vitamin-B12 deficiency
  • There is a deficiency of folate or folic acid.

One of the ways to avoid early fatigue is not only to pay attention to your diet, but also to pay attention to whether the diet you are consuming and the drinks you are taking are meeting the needs of your body.

If you also feel tired all the time, then these reasons could be behind it.

Lack of Sleep

Even if you are not getting enough sleep, you may feel tired throughout the day. To avoid this, keep a distance from TV, computer etc, at night and sleep with the phone turned off.

Many times there is difficulty in breathing while sleeping at night, due to which you can be very overweight. To avoid this, control your weight, which will reduce your fatigue.

Symptoms of Anemia

Decreased red blood cells in the body cause anemia, a major symptom of which is fatigue. Nowadays, this problem is found more in women, for which a diet rich in iron can be beneficial.


Even in a state of depression, there is a lot of tiredness, headache and weakness. Being tired due to depression is very common in today’s lifestyle. There is no harm in consulting a psychiatrist if you feel tired all the time for two-three weeks.


In the condition of hypothyroid, the metabolism in the body is fast, so the body’s energy is exhausted fast and you get tired quickly.

Too much Tea and Coffee

People who consume tea and coffee several times a day get tired quickly. Excessive consumption of caffeine-containing things increases blood pressure and heart rate, which leads to fatigue.


In summer, dehydration can also make you tired quickly. So don’t let the lack of water in the body.

Shift Work

Nowadays, the trend of working in night shifts or different shifts has increased in companies. Sometimes this has an adverse effect on the body clock and makes one feel tired all the time. To avoid this, fix a fixed sleeping time during the day so that your body can get used to it and you can stay refreshed after waking up from sleep.


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