Zeeko Zaki Weight Loss: He Lost 100-Lb, Exposed Everything

Zeeko Zaki incredible weight loss journey inspires us. Will see the secrets behind his fit physique.

Zeeko Zaki’s inspiring weight loss journey as we delve into his effective fitness routine, well-crafted diet plan, and the unwavering determination that fueled his remarkable transformation.

Actor Zeeko Zaki, known for “FBI,” achieved a remarkable weight loss of 100-120 pounds over 8-10 years, averaging 10-12.5 pounds annually. His approach included a balanced diet, regular exercise like P90X and yoga, and mindful eating. Zaki emphasized discipline, portion control, and hydration, making his journey an inspiring example of sustainable and significant weight loss through a thoughtful and consistent lifestyle change.

Zeeko Zaki Weight Loss Journey
Zeeko Zaki Weight Loss Journey

Zeeko Zaki isn’t just a skilled actor; he’s also a source of inspiration for those striving to achieve fitness goals. His weight loss journey is a testament to perseverance, dedication, and a sensible approach. By sharing his diet plans and consistent workout routines, Zeeko has become a positive example for his fans.

Zeeko Zaki’s remarkable transformation didn’t happen overnight. Achieving weight loss isn’t a quick fix; it’s about cultivating discipline. Zeeko dedicated himself to maintaining a consistent and disciplined lifestyle, embracing a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. His commitment resulted in a fit body that not only enhanced his appearance but also contributed to his overall well-being.

Beyond shedding pounds, Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss journey is a testament to embracing a healthier lifestyle. Join us in exploring his inspiring story for those seeking motivation and aspiring to embark on a journey toward healthy living.

Who Is Zeeko Zaki?

Meet Zeeko Zaki is an Egyptian-born American actor born on January 18, 1990, in Alexandria, Egypt. Zeeko, whose full name is Zakaria Sherif Zaki, moved to the U.S. at a young age and grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

His journey into acting began in high school, and he honed his skills in North Carolina theater before making his mark on television. In 2017, he had recurring roles in Six and 24: Legacy. However, his breakthrough came in 2018 when he landed his first lead role as Special Agent OA Zidan in the TV series FBI.

Zeeko Zaki is not only passionate about acting but also dedicated to challenging stereotypes about Muslims and Arabs. His career showcases a commitment to meaningful representation in the entertainment industry.

On a personal note, Zeeko is engaged to Renee Monaco as of May 2023, and he maintains a strong connection to his Egyptian roots. From his early days in community theater to taking on leading roles in popular shows like FBI, Zaki’s journey reflects his dedication to the craft and his goal of breaking stereotypes.

Beyond acting, Zeeko has also made headlines for his inspiring weight loss journey, serving as an inspiration to many. Overall, Zeeko Zaki is not just an actor; he’s a symbol of determination, representation, and positive transformation.

Zeeko Zaki’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Zeeko Zaki, the 32-year-old star of FBI, not only found success in the entertainment industry but also embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey, shedding an impressive 100 lbs. over the past eight years. What makes his transformation even more impressive is the deliberate and gradual approach he took.

Zaki’s weight loss was a slow and steady process, averaging around 10 lbs. per year. He embraced the idea of evolving gradually, expressing a genuine fondness for becoming a different version of himself each year. One key strategy he adopted was inspired by Timothy Ferriss’ book, The 4-Hour Body. Zaki incorporated the practice of consuming 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning.

Beyond the physical changes, the weight loss journey had a profound emotional impact on the Egyptian-born actor. The excitement of unveiling his new self was accompanied by a sense of nostalgia for the person he used to be, as revealed in a candid interview.

What makes Zaki’s transformation even more compelling is the personal connection to his past. His interest in losing weight traces back to his high school days, when he was part of the crew team. This insight adds a layer of depth to his journey, showcasing that his commitment to weight loss is rooted in a deeply personal and meaningful context.

How Long Did it Take Zeeko Zaki to Lose 100 Pounds

FBI star Zeeko Zaki underwent an impressive 100-pound weight loss journey spanning eight years. Opting for a gradual transformation, he shed approximately 10 pounds annually. Starting with P90X workouts, he diversified his routine with yoga and CrossFit to stay motivated. Zeeko prioritized a well-balanced diet, emphasizing protein, nutrition, pre-workout fuel, mindful eating, and hydration. He maintains his fitness with four to six weekly workouts, reveling in the positive yearly transformations.

Zeeko Zaki Workout Routine

the inspiring transformation of Zeeko Zaki, showcasing his unwavering commitment to health and weight loss. His workout routine, crafted with diversity and aligned with his interests, has played a pivotal role in his remarkable journey.

Key Components:

1. Foundational Exercises

Zeeko Zaki’s workout routine incorporates fundamental exercises recommended by Biomedical Scientist and Nutritionist Bella Carvosso. These include brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, bodyweight exercises (such as squats, lunges, push-ups), and interval training. These activities effectively contribute to calorie burning and fitness improvement.

2. P90X Video Programs

Zaki kickstarted his weight loss journey with P90X video programs – a set of 12 high-intensity online workouts spanning 90 days. These programs target various muscle groups, aiding weight loss by burning calories and building muscle. Zaki’s dedication to high-intensity exercises has proven instrumental in his weight loss.

3. Yoga

Incorporating yoga every six months, Zaki benefits from increased flexibility, improved muscle tone, and stress reduction – factors crucial for weight loss by curbing overeating.

4. Crossfit

A passionate engagement with CrossFit during his transformation showcases its effectiveness in burning fat and building strength through high-intensity functional movements. CrossFit’s varied workouts combine strength training, cardio, and functional movements, elevating calorie burn and promoting overall fitness.

5. Daily Routine

Despite a demanding filming schedule for the FBI, Zaki remains dedicated. He starts his day at 4 a.m. with a 30-minute workout, ensuring an active beginning that kickstarts his metabolism for the day.

6. Consistency is Key

Zaki’s commitment shines through as he works out four to six times a week, a vital element for steady weight loss. Consistent exercise helps maintain a higher metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.

In the midst of 12- to 14-hour filming schedules, Zaki emphasizes the necessity of maintaining health. Regular exercise becomes a cornerstone in preventing physical breakdown, ensuring he stays fit and ready for the demands of his profession. Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss journey stands as a testament to the fusion of diverse exercises and a consistent routine tailored to both personal interests and professional obligations.

Zeeko Zaki’s Diet Routine Success

Zeeko Zaki’s impressive 100-pound weight loss is not just a result of regular exercise but also a well-planned diet routine. Here’s a quick breakdown of his approach:

Protein-Packed Morning Kickstart:

  • Key Rule: Consume 30 grams of protein within the first 30 minutes of waking up.
  • Why: Boosts metabolism, provides energy, aids in weight loss by enhancing satiety and supporting muscle growth.

Balanced Meals All Day:

  • Approach: Integrate balanced meals with a variety of nutrients.
  • Components: Lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, and vegetables.
  • Purpose: Ensures the body receives essential nutrients for effective weight management.

Pre-Workout Fuel:

  • Routine: Workouts up to six times a week, with a 30-minute morning session.
  • Strategy: Consume a combination of carbs and protein as a pre-workout meal.
  • Benefit: Enhances performance and may increase the rate of calorie burn during exercise.

Mindful Eating Practices:

  • Strategy: Embrace a gradual and mindful approach to eating.
  • Involves: Paying attention to portion sizes, eating slowly to recognize fullness cues, and avoiding unnecessary snacking.
  • Significance: Supports sustainable and mindful weight loss.

Hydration Priority:

  • Focus: Stay well-hydrated throughout the day.
  • Importance: Drinking enough water controls hunger, aids digestion, and supports weight loss.

In short, Zeeko Zaki’s successful weight loss story revolves around a thoughtful and consistent diet approach. By prioritizing protein intake, balanced nutrition, pre-workout nourishment, mindful eating, and hydration, he demonstrates that achieving transformative weight loss is possible with the right blend of commitment and lifestyle adjustments.

What is Zeeko Zaki’s Top Tip for Weight Loss

Zeeko Zaki’s top tip for weight loss is to consume 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up, a strategy he learned from the book “The 4-Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss. This approach is aimed at promoting satiety, reducing subsequent food intake, and supporting muscle maintenance and growth, which can be beneficial for weight management and overall health.

What other Lifestyle Changes did Zeeko Zaki Make to Achieve Weight Loss?

Zeeko Zaki, the actor who plays Special Agent Omar Adom “O.A.” Zidan on the CBS show FBI, lost around 100-120 pounds over 8-10 years by adopting a healthier lifestyle. He did not resort to any drastic measures or surgeries. One of the key strategies that Zaki followed was eating 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up, a tip that he learned from the book The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss.

He also worked out four to six times a week, trying to get in a 30-minute activity every morning before work. He experimented with different types of workouts, such as P90X, yoga, and CrossFit, to keep himself motivated and challenged.

Actually, he aimed to lose about 10 pounds a year, and he enjoyed seeing himself transform into a different person every year. He also maintained a well-balanced diet, practiced mindful eating, paid attention to portion sizes, ate slowly to recognize fullness cues, and avoided unnecessary snacking. He stayed well-hydrated by drinking enough water, which supports weight loss by helping to control hunger and aiding in digestion.


Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss journey has become a remarkable chapter in his life. Despite a thriving acting career, Zeeko made positive lifestyle changes that propelled him towards his weight loss goal. His unwavering determination and dedication serve as an inspiring example, proving that with hard work and perseverance, anyone can achieve their personal goals. Zeeko’s story not only encourages us but also motivates us to embrace a healthier lifestyle.


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