Does Diet Soda Break Your Intermittent Fasting?

Can You Drink Diet Soda While Intermittent Fasting? Most have near about 0 to 10 calories per serving, but drinking diet soda while fasting is really tricky. Here’s what registered dietitians want you to know.

Drinks with calories higher than single digits can easily break your intermittent fast and undo your effort. Even some non-caloric drinks, such as diet sodas, flavored waters, or anything containing artificial flavor sweeteners, can easily provoke the insulin response and interfere with your fast.

Intermittent fasting diet soda

Intermittent fasting and diet soda: Can you have diet soda while intermittent fasting? There’s one clear and simple rule when it comes to choosing your drinks when you’re intermittent fasting. Completely avoid anything with calories. The goal of intermittent fasting is to completely stay in a “fasted state,” eating or drinking no carbohydrates, fats, or protein for a certain period of time.

Does Diet Soda Break Your Intermittent Fasting
Diet soda during intermittent fasting. Can you drink diet soda while intermittent fasting?

That allows your body to perfectly stop producing insulin, so it uses ketones stored in the body, especially in the fat for energy instead of glucose stored in your liver. In a 2019 article in The New England Journal of Medicine, some scientists at that time believe that this process, called ketogenesis (which you may have heard of in simply related to the ketogenic or keto diet), may slow aging and looks young with tight skin, perfectly reduce chronic inflammation, and lead to better blood sugar control.

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Because diet soda actually doesn’t have calories, it’s usually OK and fine to drink while you’re fasting. But the scientific community is actually debating the impact of artificial sweeteners on two very close and key components in the intermittent fasting puzzle: insulin and hunger.

Can you drink diet soda while intermittent fasting?

If technically speaking, most diet sodas that have no calories or zero calories will not break a fast. However, if your goal is clear and wants to lose weight quickly, drinking diet sodas can still work against your weight loss goals by simply increasing sugar cravings and hunger throughout the day.

Although most diet drinks actually come without calories or almost zero calories, some humans might secrete insulin—a hormone that perfectly regulates fat storage—in reaction to the sweet taste even though it’s not sugar. So, we suggest a link between artificial sweeteners and insulin resistance.

Some people might also just experience higher levels of hunger and more sugar cravings, especially later in the day, after consuming huge amount of artificial sweeteners, according to a 2016 study in Cell Metabolism.

Can you drink diet soda while intermittent fasting
Can you drink diet soda during intermittent fasting

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Actually, the challenging part is that not all people secrete insulin after eating or drinking something that actually includes artificial sweeteners, just as not everyone that drinks diet soda experiences a case of the hangries just after drinking a can.

There is some exact and perfect evidence that artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame often contained in diet sodas may still cause a rise in insulin response due to a chemical reaction(because of artificial sweeteners) in the brain similar to when actually sugar is consumed.

However, perfectly know now that in general diet sodas have not been shown to generally be supportive of weight loss goals.

Does diet soda actually have 0 calories?

Diet soda is zero-calorie and healthy for your body. Actually, diet soda is sugar-free version of carbonated beverages. For example: to give the diet soda its classic sweet taste which is actually artificial taste, Diet Coke contains aspartame and Splenda, both of which are artificial sweeteners, which contain no actual sugar or calories that’s why zero calories diet soda healthy and fine for your body.

Do diet sodas cause belly fat?

A potential culprit for that protruding belly or big belly can be diet soda or beverages with artificial sweeteners. One recent study shows a link between the high consumption of diet drinks or diet sodas and the increase of big belly fat in older adults.

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What could be a problem with diet soda?

Although diet soda has no calories or zero calories dieting drink, or fat, it has been linked to the easy development of heart disease and type 2 diabetes in several studies. Research has perfectly found that just one serving of an artificially sweetened drink per day is actually associated with an 8–13% really higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

What are the effects of diet and regular soda on blood?

Diet sodas easily increase the risk of diabetes by negatively affecting gut bacteria, insulin secretion, and sensitivity. They also cause blood sugar levels to spike very fast when a person eats carbohydrates, increasing belly fat and waist circumference and body fat. This can make actually insulin sensitivity and blood sugar management worse.

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Why is Diet Coke so addictive?

In terms of what actually makes diet soda so addictive, the coaches at Diabetic Muscle and Fitness post that the secret combination of spices and the intensely sweet taste of the artificial sweeteners served in a perfectly cooled carbonated can in the perfect and equal quantity makes you feel really intensely happy.


If you’re a regular soda drinker and addicted to drinking soda, opt for unsweetened seltzer instead. This sparkling beverage will still easily give you bubbles and no calories, but without the artificial flavors or potentially harmful additives.

In short, Fasting for metabolic health here diet soda does break your intermittent fast very easily. If you fasting for gut rest, diet soda does break your fast. And if you are fasting for longevity, more research is really needed here, but it’s safer and very clearly says diet soda avoid while fasting.


Can you drink diet soda when intermittent fasting?

During your fasting hours, Steer clear of any sweetener drinks or drink with more than nine calories. But, don’t be fooled by diet soda, despite their no-cal or low-cal sales pitch, they can easily spike your insulin levels quickly and wreak havoc on your intermittent fasting plans.

Can you drink zero calorie drinks while intermittent fasting?

You can drink no-cal fluids or zero calorie drinks when intermittent fasting.
During your intermittent fasting window, it’s no-cal drinks only. That includes regular or zero-calorie flavored water and unsweetened and herbal teas. In fact, we actually encourage people to drink some fluids during their intermittent fast in order to stay hydrated.

Can I drink Sprite while fasting?

If you’re really wondering if you can drink soda (or diet soda) while you’re doing strict intermittent fasting, we recommend staying away from soda in general, even if you are not following a diet like intermittent fasting. Regular sodas are usually full of sugar or loaded with sugar and calories and offer no nutritional value.

What can I drink while intermittent fasting?

Generally speaking, while doing intermittent fasting with proper time-restricted intermittent eating, you don’t eat any food at all and only drink beverages with very few calories, such as water or unsweetened coffee and tea without milk or zero calories. When you’re not fasting or not dieting, it’s important to eat a fresh, healthy and varied diet that’s good for your health and body.


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