How to gain weight on face | Increase Facial Fat

How to increase facial fat? Dear HealtHowdy readers, some people are so thin that seeing them, it seems that there is no life inside this person. While some people are worried about their obesity, some people are worried about their thin body. If your face are not attractive then you can gain weight on your face or increase facial fat to look attractive and perfect.

If your cheeks are chapped and thin, then you can make them full or gain weight on face with the help of some remedies.

Although people like a thin body a lot but due to being too thin, people start looking sick instead of looking attractive.

How to gain weight on face
How to gain weight on face, Increase Facial Fat

But just as it is difficult to become thin from fat at a time, it is also difficult to become fat from thin quickly, that’s why people think why not increase the fat on the face so that even if their body remains thin, they do not look too thin.

Actually, most people’s cheeks remain very thin, sticking. They spoil their whole look, so they want to make their cheeks full and they really want to know how to gain weight on face cheeks. For this, many people take injections, while some also resort to supplements. But if you want, with the help of just a few measures, you can make a face appear full. Along with this, the muscle tone of the face is also done by these measures.

If you also want to do something similar, then definitely read this article completely because in this we will tell you how to increase facial fat. Follow these 10 remedies.

How to Gain Weight on Face or Increase Facial Fat

If you are completely troubled by your leanness and now you want to increase the fat on your face, then definitely follow the methods because by following these methods you can easily make your face fat.

1. Eat High Calorie Foods and Gain Weight

Your face will look fatty or gain weight on face only when your body is healthy. That’s why you have to first pay attention to your diet and try to increase your weight. But how to gain weight? If you do not know this, then first of all focus on your diet, that means you have to eat more food and eat such food which is high in calories. Because when more calories go into your body, then your weight gain will automatically start.

In addition to gaining weight, high-calorie foods can also help make the face appear fuller.

  • For this, you can include seeds and nuts in your diet. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, calories are high. They can increase weight easily.
  • For this, drinking milk to increase the weight of the face can also be beneficial. Milk contains healthy fat, which can make the cheeks look full.
  • Eating fatty fish can lead to weight gain in the cheeks. Your face may look fuller and you may feel chubby.

2. Face Massage to Gain Weight On Face

You can also use this method to make the face fat. You should apply almond oil or mustard oil on your face and massage it well. Even if you massage your face for 5 to 10 minutes every day, you gain weight on face or increase facial fat.

You can use honey to give a fuller look to the face. Applying honey on the skin provides nutrients to the skin cells. Also, the skin remains hydrated. If you want, you can also massage your face with some oils. Applying olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil on the face can make the face look fuller and plumper. This will also give you a youthful look.

3. Face Exercise for Fuller Cheeks

You can also do exercises to make the facial muscles thicker and fuller. Doing regular face exercises can make the face appear full. It also tones the muscles of the face.

Many types of facial yoga have also proved to be very effective in this. Try smiling by making a fish face. Open and close the mouth. Try to touch your nose with the tongue. Do the act of chewing food while watching the ceiling. You have to do all these effective exercises five to six times a day. They help in making collagen and elastin.

4. Apply Face Mask On Face to Increase Facial Fat

It is also necessary to apply a face mask to give a youthful look to the face and to make the cheeks fuller. The face mask locks the moisture in the skin. It is very important for a thin-looking face in old age. For this, you can use glycerin, urea and hyaluronic acid. If you want, you can also try an apple, papaya or banana face pack.

5. Drink Milk to Get Weight On Your Face

Milk is considered very good for our body. If your cheeks are very sticking, then you start drinking two glasses of milk throughout the day because the nutritious thing present in milk will provide the necessary food to your body and your body will look fatty along with being healthy.

6. Sleep Well

Sometimes people do not sleep properly! But do not make such a mistake because sleep is very important for our body because at this time our body develops itself, so take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

7. Grate the Apple

As much as it is beneficial for us to eat apples, it is equally good to grind them and apply them to yourself, if you want to turn the sticking cheeks of your face into thick cheeks as soon as possible, then you should grind raw apple and apply it on your face. By doing this you will get direct nourishment from apples on your face.

8. Consume More Carbohydrates to Get More Fat On Face

Just as it is necessary to reduce the intake of carbohydrates to lose weight, in the same way, if you want your sticking cheeks to turn into bulging cheeks, then you have to consume more carbohydrates, which means you should eat more things like potatoes and rice. The weight of your body will increase and your cheeks will appear raised on their own.

9. Don’t Drink Drugs

Those people who consume more things like tobacco, alcohol, the face of those people start burning on its own and after a time such people start looking very sick, if you also consume any kind of intoxicant then you should be stopped as soon as possible.

10. Drink Water

Drinking water is more important than the amount of food that is necessary for the body. Your food will be digested well only when you drink the right amount of water. You should drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water throughout the day.

11. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is also beneficial for thickening the face or rather cheeks. If you consume olive oil then your face may look bloated.

12. Massage with Rose and Glycerin

If you want to see your face open quickly, then you must try this method, you should massage by mixing rose and glycerin. If you want, you can massage once a day or you can massage twice to get more benefits.


I hope that after reading this article you must have understood how to increase facial fat. If you really liked this helpful information, then do share it with your friends, family and relatives. And definitely follow this valuable information, it will definitely benefit you.


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