How To Massage Breast To Grow

Massage for bigger breasts: Massage like this to increase breast size and do proper breast massage to grow. Learn how to massage breast to grow or increase breast size. Breasts are generally considered a part of the beauty of women. If the breasts are large, the body looks full and attractive. So it’s really important to know how to enhance breast size by massage Right?

Women with bigger breasts appear more attractive, gorgeous, and seductive. But usually, not all women have big breasts. Some women’s breast size is medium and some are very small. In fact, small-breasted women suffer the most from inferiority complexes and feel embarrassed by people because of their small breasts. So let’s see how to massage breasts for increasing size in 2022. Here is an effective massage for breast to grow.

How To Massage Breast To Grow
Massage breast to grow breast size. Best massage to get bigger breasts. How breast massage increases size.

Although there are many methods including surgery and medicines to increase the size of the breasts, they are so expensive that they cannot be thought of.

If you have small breasts, then in this article we are going to tell you about how to do breast massage to increase the size of the breasts.

How do massage breasts to enhance breast size?

You get the benefit of breast massage only if you do breast massage in the right way. You can try both circular motion and smooth stroke for massaging. Learn how to do breast massage

  • Take a bath before massaging the breasts.
  • To massage the breasts, place the four fingers of one hand on the breast. Then place four fingers of the other hand under the breast.
  • Start massaging the breasts in circular motions.
  • Do the circular motion of the massage 20-30 times in an upward and downward direction.

How to do breast massage to increase breast size

How to do breast massage for growth step by step guide: You can easily increase or grow breast size with the help of following these 3 effective best breast massages. Best breast enhancement massage.

Method 1 to grow the breast size by doing massage

  • Before starting breast massage, buy a natural oil or the best massage cream. Natural oils are beneficial for breast massage but if you choose a cream for breast massage, choose a cream with natural ingredients to massage the breasts.
  • After this, before massaging, touch the breast and see how hot or cold the breast massage oil is, hard to touch, or soft. After this, heat both your hands and if your hands are rough, then apply some soft substance.
  • Now put your hands on your breasts and spread the fingers around the breast. After this massage the breast gently in a circular motion.
  • Rotate your right hand clockwise and your left hand anti-clockwise. Rub your breasts for a few seconds while massaging.
  • Massage the breast by applying slight pressure with the fingers and if there is a pain in the breast while doing this, then reduce the pressure a little and do not touch the nipples too much.
  • Keep massaging for about five minutes and follow the same process twice a day.
  • Massage the breast about two to three times throughout the day but not more than fifteen minutes.
  • Better results are visible after massaging the breasts properly for a month.

Method 2 to enhance breast size by massage

The second method of massaging the breast is very easy. If you are experiencing pain in the hands while massaging the breasts, then you can massage your breast with this method.

  • First of all, warm your hands by rubbing or baking them and place the left hand on the right breast and the right hand on the left breast, and massage.
  • If the hand becomes cold while massaging, then heat it again but do not massage it with cold hands.
  • If you feel pain in the hands while massaging in this way, then massage only one breast at a time and then the other breast.
  • Make sure not to just rub your hands over the breasts, but to apply pressure with your fingers in such a way that it can affect the tissue beneath the skin of the breast.
  • When you apply pressure to the breasts, do not tamper with the nipples, as they are extremely sensitive and may turn red if rubbed.
  • If you do not want to use massaging oils or any cream, then massage with dry hands but your hands should be warm.

Method 3 to massage for breast growth

  • To massage the breast, rub both your hands for some time or heat it for three to five minutes through a heat pack.
  • After this, by applying pressure with the fingers on the lower part of the breast, reach the upper part of the breast while massaging in a circular motion.
  • Pay more attention to the lower part of the breast and massage from bottom to top several times. While massaging in this way, your fingers should come to the cleavage of the breasts.
  • If you do not want to massage with dry hands, then massage by applying a greasy substance such as cream or oil.
  • For your information, let us tell you that to increase the size of the breasts, this is a massage that works directly on the breast tissue, but it may take you a month to see the result.
  • Massaging your breasts in this way thrice a day makes your breasts bigger in size.

Method 3 to increase breast size by massage

  • Chi massage is very popular for increasing the size of the breasts. This effective breast massage to grow breasts that you can do in the bathroom or sitting alone in the room while watching TV.
  • Before massaging, warm both your palms by rubbing them together or heat it by rubbing the heat pack on the breasts in circular motion.
  • Place your hand on the cup of both your breasts. Place your left hand on your left breast and your right hand on your right breast.
  • Spread both your fingers over the cup of the breasts so that the cup is completely covered. While taking the nipple out between the fingers and do not massage the nipple too much.
  • After this, massage your breasts in circular motion from top to bottom and bottom to top.
  • Do about 300 circular massages on one breast for about ten minutes and then massage the other breast for the same amount of time.
  • Repeat this process twice a day, the size of your breasts will increase.

What to keep in mind while massaging the breasts?

While massaging the breasts, if we do anything with a good understanding and meticulousness, then we get a lot of benefit from that thing, that is why we have to take care of how to massage our breasts well to grow properly.

While massaging your breasts, you have to protect yourself from the eyes of others. Because being all the members in the house, we do not get a chance to massage. While pressing the breasts, put pressure on them with light hands. When massaging the breast, don’t touch the nipples too much, as you may get excited and release your water from vagina after touching the nipples. That’s why you need to take care of this thing.

After massaging with olive oil while sleeping at night, you do not have to wear any type of bra over the breast. You only need to massage your breasts three to four times a week.

Do yoga for breast enlargement

To enlarge breasts or to grow breast size do regular yoga. If you really do not have to take any oil or tablet, then you should do yoga every day to increase breasts size.

If you do yoga every day, then with a guarantee that your breasts will start looking bigger in 2 months.

By doing yoga, your breasts will be bigger but whatever problem your body will have, you will see it decreasing completely. You should do Bhujangasana, Gomukhasana, and Ustrasana every day at home.

While doing all the above asanas, always keep in mind that there is no injury to your breasts. Sometimes women also have injuries, so always be careful because the breast is the part of women’s body that is very sensitive.

Tips to make breast size bigger

If your breasts do not enlarge even after working hard, then you should adopt some artificial breast enlargement methods. Breast enlargement bras are available in the market, if you use this bra on your breasts, then your breasts will easily look bigger. Cup bras are available in the market, you can also find them in colorful and printed ones. You should wear the bra you like so that you will see the best effect.

As you have seen above olive oil is useful for increasing breast size, similarly, linseed, mustard oil, Jamun oil is also very useful oils in breast enlargement. When using oil on your breasts, always massage your breasts for a long time.

Vitamin E is a good option also to increase breast size quickly. So, you can use Vitamin E capsules for breast enlargement. It is an effective option to increase breast size with the use of Vitamin E capsules.

If you use fenugreek seed oil to massage the breasts, then you will get good benefits. If you do not want to use fenugreek oil to massage the breasts, then you should consume fenugreek seeds. You will also see a good difference by consuming fenugreek seeds, you should follow all the above-mentioned methods continuously for two-three months so that you will see a good effect.

Benefits of breast massage

Some people spread or have confusion that massaging does not increase the size of the breasts. In fact, this thing is quite wrong because it is possible to increase the size of the breasts with the new techniques of massage. Let us know what are the benefits of massaging the breasts.

  • Breast massage is beneficial for the health of the entire breast tissue. It improves the elasticity of the tissues and works to tone them, due to which the breasts are healthy and firm.
  • Toxic substances come out by rubbing the breasts well during the massage. It is good for both your breast and lymph nodes.
  • Another advantage of breast massage is that it not only increases the cup size or grows breasts but also improves blood flow to the breasts.


How can I make my breasts grow faster?

Eat healthy foods to increase breast size such as bananas, strawberries, papaya, soybean, dry fruits, green vegetables and milk in your diet to increase the size of breasts. Let us tell you that breasts are made of fat and fat is needed on the breast to get big and shapely breasts.

Does breast enhancement massage stimulate growth hormones?

These phytoestrogens are very important in breast development so breast massage stimulates this hormone and it will also help a lot in breast growth. So from the above points, we can conclude that breast enlargement massage stimulates the breast growth hormone in the brain and apart from this through touch, it also improves the size and firmness of the breasts.

How to get rid of sagging breasts?

Often women reduce wearing bras to make breastfeeding easier. Due to the lack of proper support for the breasts, they hang. In such a situation, women should choose the right size nursing bra so that the breast continues to be supported and it is also easy to feed the baby.

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