Nutrition Myths: Do not believe these myths related to carbs at all

Myths related to carbs in 2022: If you completely exclude carbs from your diet due to some myths, then first you should know the truth about them.

Whenever it comes to healthy food and diet plan people try to keep carbs out of their diet. Especially, people who are in the weight loss process, find carbs to be their biggest enemy. Such people often follow a keto to lose weight or low-carb diet, in which they actually limit carbs to a great extent. However, carbs are also as essential for the body as protein and fiber. They are an essential macronutrient. Cutting down too heavily on carbs can lower energy levels and make you feel more hungry.

Myths Related to Carbs

myths related to carbs
myths related to carbs

Actually, many beliefs and myths are prevalent about carbohydrates, due to which people do not consider it good. But here you should know that no one can completely eliminate carbs from the diet. In addition, the foods you choose for carb intake also really make a big difference. So, in this article today, our health and fitness expert is telling you about some myths related to carbs and their truth.

Myth 1- Only Bread, Pasta, and Potatoes Are Considered Carbs

Truth- Carbohydrates are actually macronutrients that your body breaks down into glucose. Generally, carbohydrates are of two types- simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbs are mainly found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus, processed or refined cereals, cakes, and other baked items also contain simple carbs. At the same time, complex carbs are found in whole grain bread as well as legumes, potatoes and other starchy vegetables. That’s why it is really wrong to think that only a few items or foods contain carbs.

You can include low carbs food to reduce obesity and get thin waist quickly.

Myth 2- Carbs are not safe and bad for the body

Truth- This is a common misconception about carbs. There is a misconception or myth in the minds of people that carbs are not safe and bad for the body and hence their intake should be reduced. However, it is not like that. Carbs are really main source of energy in our body. That’s why everyone must include carbs in daily diet. However, here you need to notice and see what foods you are consuming. For example, you must include healthy unrefined and whole grains in the diet. Unrefined carbs are also a good source of fiber and hence it is really very important for your body.

Myth 3- It is necessary to not take carbs for fat loss

Truth- People who want to lose weight, feel that if they exclude carbs from the diet, then their body can burn stored fat quickly. However, this is also not completely true. Normally the body burns fat for fuel. Fat is burned between meals and during physical or daytime activities. But this process is actually done even better when some fuel is already stored in the form of carbs in the cells. If the body does not have a carbohydrate called glycogen, then the body easily breaks down protein in place of fat to make it, which is really not good at all. Therefore, if you want to reduce body fat, you must include some amount of carbohydrates in your diet.

Myth 4- Carbs are not necessary before and after workout

Truth- It is seen that most people focus more on protein intake for muscle building before and after workout. But along with this, it is equally important to consume carbs. Proteins and carbohydrates actually not only provide fuel to the muscles or our body but also help to properly rebuild and strengthen them perfectly. So, if carbohydrates are skipped, you actually run the risk of losing muscle mass or slowing recovery.

There are some disadvantages of consuming refined carbs, so carefully follow your low carbs diet plan.

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