15 Prepone Periods Exercise to Get Periods Immediately

Effective prepone periods exercise to get periods immediately and get rid of hormonal imbalances and irregular periods.

Exercises have a variety of different effects on the body. Exercises properly stimulate blood circulation in the body.

Perfect exercises can ensure the better working of the internal systems of our body.

Periods make you go “Why?” Irregular periods and hormonal problems will definitely make you go “Why Me?”. It certainly is an actual cause for concern when your period’s cycle is not regular. But there is nothing to worry about as long as you consult a doctor on time and try a few remedies to get periods earlier at home.

Actually, secretion of different hormones in the body can also be triggered perfectly due to proper certain exercises. The menstrual cycle in women is actually controlled by hormones and hence by doing particular exercises properly you can expect to have immediate periods without any side effects.

Prepone Periods Exercise
Prepone Periods Exercise: how do get periods immediately. Get periods faster exercise, Yoga to get periods faster, What exercises induce periods. How to get periods by doing exercise. How to make period come faster. Is there a way to make your first period come faster? Everything is discussed in this article.

However, the way the body reacts to an exercise differs from person to person; and hence the results of the exercises for prepone periods can also vary.

Perfect, intense, and vigorous exercise often causes immediate periods, at the same time it can also post pond or delay period or can even stop periods altogether.

There are many effective ways to go about treating irregular periods. Your diet is definitely very important and so are your workouts. You can try out a few effective and work prepone periods exercises. These workouts and exercises can work really well when it comes to your irregular periods.

One of them surely is Yoga. Stress is one of the main and major reasons why your body goes through hormonal imbalances and results in irregular periods. Yoga aims to perfectly relieve you of that stress with some really simple and easy poses.

How to prepone periods immediately, how to prepone periods by exercise and is it safe to prepone periods,

Prepone Periods Exercise To Get Periods Faster

The exercises which are strongly believed to trigger the starting of the menstrual cycle immediately include:

Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps to get periods faster
Squat Jumps to get periods faster – Best prepone periods exercise

Both squats and squat jumps are really effective for your periods. However, jumping squats perfectly puts additional pressure on your abdomen resulting in you getting your periods faster.

Squats Exercise To Get Periods Faster

Try this amazing and effective prepone periods exercise to induce periods immediately? This core muscle workout is definitely the best lower body exercise that can instantly you’re your muscles perfectly stimulate pressure and strengthen your abdomen and pelvis by exerting a level of pressure on it. Here is how you do the squats perfectly:

Squats Exercise To Get Periods Faster
Squats Exercise To Get Periods Faster

First, position your feet properly by placing them at a width apart. Now, lower your buttocks by placing considerable body weight pressure on your heels carefully and not your toes. Clasp your hands together properly or place them straight perfectly in front of you as you lower down.

Hold this position without mistake for at least a second and return back to the original position. Make sure your back is arched straight perfectly and heels are not twisted. Repeat this 10-15 times in a proper way for inviting your menstrual cycle at a faster rate.

Standing Twists

Standing Twists to get period earlier
Prepone Periods Exercise: Standing Twists to get period earlier

Standing twists exercise is best for muscles to stimulate the pelvic muscles to break free and really helps you get your periods faster.


Vajrasana to get periods faster
Vajrasana to get periods faster

Vrajasana perfectly cures acidity and digestion problems in our regular life. It strengthens the pelvic region very easily, cures urinary problems like UTI (urinary tract infection) and it will cure irregular periods.


Baddhakonasana for early periods
Baddhakonasana for early periods

Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is really a serious issue if not dealt with on time. But you can use or try yoga as a perfect and great way One of the best Yoga poses to cure PCOS naturally is Baddhakonasana. It’s a very effective pose to get periods faster especially it will properly stimulate your abdominal organs as well as reproductive organs. It is really super helpful for women who are pregnant. Baddhakonasana is perfect helps in easing childbirth.


Yoga breathing exercise or prepone periods exercise easily releases stress, depression, tension, other mental problems, and anxiety which is a major cause of hormonal imbalances and PCOS. Pranayama properly boosts your immune system and improves the actual function of your heart, liver, and various other organs.

Pranayama to get earlier periods
Pranayama to get earlier periods

Endorphin (it is a feel-good hormone) release and pressure on your abdomens are essential for your body. So it’s really super important that you get a lot of physical activity. Believe us it perfectly helps in dealing with your irregular periods. Here are a few effective exercises that you can easily try:

Crunches Exercise For Early Periods

Crunches Exercise For Early Periods
Crunches Exercise For Early Periods

Actually, crunches exercises are really helpful for early periods especially when it comes to getting your periods on time naturally. Just like any other best abdominal exercise, crunches exercise really help in creating proper pressure around your abdominal area and help you in getting your periods on time.

Reverse Crunches Exercises To Get Periods Early

Reverse Crunches Exercises To Get Periods Early
Reverse Crunches Exercises To Get Periods Faster

Lie flat on the floor with your back; perfectly bend your legs at the knees at 90 degrees and pull your lower body up carefully with your legs.

Now curl up your legs on your abdomen while pushing your hips and waist area to go up. The exercise should create enough pressure on your lower abdominal area which can be really effective to trigger menstruation.

Spot Jogging

Spot Jogging to get periods faster
Effective Spot Jogging to get periods faster

Here, spot jogs exercises are really effective triggers for menstruation. Through spot jogging not only the blood circulation to the lower abdominal section of your body is increased but it also properly stimulates the hormones that regulate menstruation.

Run, squat, go for CrossFit, get some Yoga done, and get moving because moving perfectly de-stresses you. When the stress or tension is actually gone, your irregular periods go poof!

Sit Ups Exercise For Immediate Periods

Sit Ups Exercise For Immediate Periods
Sit Ups Exercise For Immediate Periods

Full sit-ups in a proper way put pressure on the abdominal area directly and it can cause quick menstruation. Stand with your legs shoulder apart and slowly spread your hands forward.

Now sit down slowly but do not touch the ground. Once you reach the lowest position, get back to the standing position and repeat. You should do at least 20 sit ups at a stretch and properly repeat the same twice a day to get an amazing result.

Roll Up Exercises For Early Periods

Roll up is another effective and easy freehand exercise. This exercise can be helpful to get periods quickly and naturally if you are missing your date. To do roll ups, lie flat on the floor on your back, stretching your legs downwards slowly and your hands parallel, on the sides of your head.

Roll Up Exercises For Early Periods
Roll Up Exercises For Early Periods

Keeping your hands and legs stretched perfectly, roll your upper body frontward lifting your hands towards the front as shown in the image above to reach a sitting position.

Once you reach the final position, lower down slowly, perfectly and reach the starting position. You need to do in a proper way at least 20 cycles at a stretch of this exercise to get any benefits.

Arch Exercise To Get Periods Faster

Arch Exercise To Get Periods Faster
Arch Exercise To Get Periods Faster

Can exercise really induce period? This amazing exercise is believed to be very helpful and effective in triggering menstruation cycle quickly. Lie on the floor. Place the palm of your hand and your feet strongly on the floor, now pull your body up slowly to make a half-circle or arch.

The weight of your body should be carried by your hands and feet, and you also carefully need to ensure that you do not lose your balance. Hold the position properly for 20 seconds or more and get back to the starting position before repeating. You should do arches properly at least 10-15 times daily.

Yogas For Getting Early Periods


Dhanurasana is actually effective and a very common yoga pose and has been practiced for years for getting early periods. This pose perfectly helps in stretching and toning the abdominal muscles in a perfect way and therefore as a result the blood flow to your abdominal quickly increases.

Dhanusasana to get early periods
Dhanusasana to get early periods

This process actually helps in getting early periods when practiced in the correct and proper way on a regular basis. For this pose, lift your legs and your face towards your back and hold the pose for around 15 to 20 seconds.

This particular yoga pose is actually also known as the bow pose. Repeat as many times dhanusasana as you can as it will make you get your periods fast.

The Malasana

The malasana or the garland pose is another perfect and best yoga to get periods faster. When this yoga is practiced perfectly and regularly for around a week we are sure that you will get periods soon.

The Malasana to get periods faster
The Malasana to get periods faster

This yoga perfectly helps in stretching your pelvic and abdominal muscles in a correct way and therefore helps you in getting early periods. You need to hold this position properly for around 1 minute.

While doing this helpful yoga pose try to put as much pressure as possible on your lower abdominal as it perfectly helps you in getting periods fast. Repeat around 10-15 times.

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FAQ: Expert’s Answers on Prepone Periods

How do prepone periods overnight?

Get your periods fast with this overnight remedy! Boil carom seeds, jaggery and water, drink it empty stomach in the morning, it’s the most effective way to prepone periods. Dr. Batra suggests eating raw papaya, it helps stimulate contractions in the uterus and induces periods.

Can exercise prepone periods?

An early period may be due to our lifestyle changes like periods of stress, tension, strenuous exercise, or drastic weight changes that alter your hormone production and it will directly affect your period’s cycle. Exercise can really help to get periods faster.

How do prepone periods instantly?

Get your periods early with a natural remedy! Mix jaggery, ginger, sesame seeds and carom seeds for an effective solution. Try boiling turmeric in water and consuming it twice a day to induce periods 10 days before your expected date. Dates can also generate heat in the body and help prepone your periods.

Does coffee prepone periods?

Yes, high in caffeine, coffee perfectly stimulates estrogen and increases blood flow in a proper way in your pelvic area. This can result in early arrival of your periods.

Does papaya prepone periods?

Papaya is the most effective and perfect home remedy available to prepone periods very easily. Actually, raw papaya perfectly stimulates contractions in the uterus and can help in inducing periods. Very helpful content the carotene present in papaya. It will stimulate the estrogen hormone thereby inducing an early period.

Foods to prepone menstruation

Jaggery when mixed with ginger, sesame seed, and carom seed is an effective natural best home remedy to prepone periods.

Are there tablets to prepone periods

Ibuprofen (800 mg)
Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory best medicine that effectively helps in postponing your periods very easily. You should take 800 mg thrice daily beginning from one or two weeks before your expected date of start of periods. You should accompany ibuprofen tablet with vitamin B6 (double dose).
Primolut-N (5 mg)
It is effective and the most prevalent medicine in India, which is perfectly utilized for postponing or preponing periods.


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