What Causes Blisters on your Private Parts | Vagina Pimples

If you shave the pubic area and do not use shaving cream while shaving, you may get this blisters or pimples on your private parts. What actually causes blisters on your private parts and how female can solve this problem? Usually, due to peeling, a pimple forms on the skin, whose mouth is red in color. Sometimes it can be more than one and then they are very itchy.

What Causes Blisters on your Private Parts female
What Causes Blisters on Private Parts Female.

Having a pimple is a very common problem, but this problem becomes very painful when this blister or pimple is on the private part. Now let’s see what causes blisters on your private parts in female and how to treat blisters on your private parts.

What Causes Blisters on your Private Parts in Female

Small pimples or blisters near the vagina or your private parts are very painful. The reason for more pain in these pimples is that the skin in this area is very sensitive. In case of rash and pimples or blisters, wearing inners, sitting and walking all become very difficult. Therefore, timely diagnosis of these grains is very important.

Teenagers have more problems

The problem of having pimples, boils and pimples around the vagina usually occurs in teenage girls. Although it is no different to have this type of problem in older girls and women but in teenagers, this problem is seen more than women of other ages.

What are the reasons for blisters or pimples near vagina

There are many different causes of blisters or pimples near the private parts or vagina. The first reason among these is not taking care of complete cleanliness during periods. The vaginal area should be cleaned with mild soap during periods. in order to maintain hygiene.

Women whose skin is very sensitive, usually have to face this kind of problem. To avoid this problem, use vaginal wash regularly. Make sure to clean the vagina once a day with this wash.

Bacteria responsible for rash and pimples near private parts

Some infectious diseases are also the reason for having a blister, rash and pimples near the vagina. In medical language, it is called folliculitis, infection of Bartholin gland. The causes of these infections can be different. Therefore, their treatment can be done only after knowing their causes.

Sexual infection is also responsible

Sometimes, due to sexual infection in women, there is a rash near the vagina. In case of such problem, you should immediately contact the gynecologist. Also, before having sex, you should take care of the hygiene and safety of yourself and your partner.

What is the treatment for this type of vagina blister?

As we have told you that the treatment of these blisters, pimples and blisters depends on what has been causing them near the private parts. The reasons for this are detected by the gynecologist after the patient’s diagnosis.

If these pimples are caused by a problem related to hygiene, then doctors usually advise women to use a medicated vaginal wash. It is also advised to take antihistamines and analgesics.

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