How to Get a Girlfriend If You’re Fat and Shy

Recently, a guy contacted me and asked, “Hiren, I’m good looking little bit fat guy but can’t get a girlfriend. I don’t get it. Why do so many ugly guys get hot girlfriends but I can’t? People tell me I’m good looking and smart guy, but women just aren’t interested in me. Why? Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” Let’s see how to get a girlfriend if you’re fat and shy.

Actually, If you are currently trying to lose weight but it requires some time to lose fat.

Can a fat person get a girlfriend?

Is it possible to get a hot girlfriend if I look fat and shy? I am attractive but can’t get a girlfriend, can fat people get girlfriends? if she doesn’t find you handsome, how to get a girlfriend if you’re ugly? how to get a girlfriend if you’re an introvert? how to know if you’re good-looking, why I don’t have girlfriend? If you have these types of questions in your mind, this article is for you. After reading this article you will say “I love being fat”.

How to Get a Girlfriend If you're Fat and Shy
How to get a girlfriend if you’re ugly? Actual reasons you can’t get a girlfriend.

Girls are always ready to get perfect boyfriend but you don’t pay any more attention to her. Here are 5 signs a girl wants you to notice her. You just have to pay proper attention and you will get beautiful girlfriend even if you are fat or ugly. Sometimes it happens that you do not even know and many girls like you. So you also have to find out whether the female coworkers like you or not. Here female gives us 5 signs to know a female coworker likes you.

Are you really wondering how to get a girlfriend if you’re fat and shy guy? Well, I have really good news for you. If you are overweight or fat, then you should not worry about it because still you can get a gorgeous girlfriend and she doesn’t have to be fat or overweight as you are. Surely, being slim and lean is a good thing but having an attractive and awesome personality is even better. Women are more attracted to men’s character and behavior than their muscular shape. So read on and amazingly discover the stunning secrets to getting beautiful girlfriends even if you’re fat and shy.

How to get a beautiful girlfriend if you’re fat and shy

Follow these effective 4 tips to get a girlfriend If you’re fat and shy, you will definitely get gorgeous girlfriend.

Tip 1. Start Physical Activities

First, I would smartly suggest you go to the doctor or dietitian and get a specific effective weight loss program. Join any physical activities or gym and do some hard work. Why do you need to do these? If you properly do these two things, then you will really develop a positive attitude, and a positive attitude is a must when it comes to getting a beautiful girlfriend if you’re fat and shy.

Tip 2. Don’t Think Too Much To Impress

When you conversation with girls or talk to girls, openly have fun and don’t think too much to impress them. “Am I looking good?” “Is she interested in me?” “What can I do to keep the conversion going on for a long time?” stop thinking these types of silly questions. Be in the present moment, enjoy time and have fun. Women like the guys who have smart and charming personalities. You can easily impress your girlfriend without thinking about that type of questions.

Tip 3. Positive Mindset

Be positive and accept reality and what you can’t change. We all are not born rich or with a silver spoon in mouth. In order to perfectly achieve success in dating life, you should positively accept what you don’t have and then focus on the things you really have. You will be amazingly surprised that you have lots of god gifted attractive things that you can use to get beautiful girlfriends in your life even if you are fat. Find your passion and beautifully spend some time with your passion. If you regularly do it, you will become a happier person. Also, women are really attracted to a person who is passionate about something.

Tip 4. Be yourself and love yourself

It is a must when it actually comes to learning how to get a girlfriend if you are fat and shy. Once you accept yourself as it is and spend some time on your passions, you will amazingly find that you are going to fall in love with yourself. This is the really best thing I suggest to all guys to attract a gorgeous girl. You should love a gorgeous and beautiful girl, but do not love her as much as you love yourself. If you really love yourself, you will have plenty of best options to get lots of girlfriends in your life. And if you love a girl more than yourself, then you will be sad and depressed when she leave you.

Being fat is really not a big reason that can stop you to get lots of beautiful and gorgeous girlfriends. But what you actually think about your fatness is a big reason for your success with women.

How to make a girl date you?

The Art of Winning Her Heart: How to Make a Girl Want to Date You?

Are you really interested in dating a girl you have feelings for? Building a strong connection and making her want to date you requires effort and perfect understanding. Here are a few effective tips to increase your chances of success.

Be Genuine: Authenticity is key. Be yourself and show her your kind and true personality. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Build a Friendship: Focus on building a solid and strong friendship first. Show genuine interest in her life, listen attentively and be happy and supportive.

Display Confidence: Confidence is really attractive. Believe in yourself and your worth. Stand tall, maintain eye contact, and speak with honest clarity.

Show Respect: Treat her with respect and kindness. Be considerate of her boundaries, opinions and feelings.

Communication is Key: Effective communication is really crucial. Express your actual thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. Listen actively and engage in meaningful conversations.

Be Reliable: Show reliability and actual dependability. Keep your promises and be there for her when she needs support.

Practice Good Hygiene and Style: Take care of your personal hygiene and dress well. A clean and well-groomed appearance can really make a positive impression.

Plan Thoughtful Dates: Take the initiative and plan enjoyable and thoughtful dates that align with her actual interests. Show her that you’ve really made an effort to make the date special.

Be Patient: Don’t rush things. Give the relationship time to develop naturally. Allow her to set the pace and be patient throughout the process.

Finally, there is no foolproof or exact formula for making someone want to date you. However, by being genuine, building a friendship, displaying confidence, showing respect, communicating effectively, being reliable, taking care of your appearance, planning thoughtful dates and practicing patience, you can easily increase your chances of capturing her heart. Ultimately, be yourself and let the connection evolve naturally.

Can I get a gf if I am fat?

Absolutely! Your weight does not perfectly determine your ability to find a girlfriend. There are many people who are attracted to individuals of all body types and personalities. Don’t let your shyness or weight hold you back from pursuing a meaningful relationship.

So, focus on building your confidence and connecting with others based on shared interests and values. Remember, finding a girlfriend is about compatibility and connection, not just physical appearance.

What age is easier to find a partner?

Finding a partner can happen at different ages for different people. Actually, experts suggest that women often meet someone special around the age of 25, while men tend to find their match closer to 28.

However, it’s important to note that 50% of the people surveyed by the website found their partner at some point during their 20s. So, there is no exact or specific age that guarantees to find a partner, as it varies for each individual.


Do shy guys ever get a girlfriend?

Yes! Shy guys can definitely get a girlfriend. It’s really very important for them to believe in themselves and follow some valuable and helpful dating advice. The actual main challenge for shy guys is often their own belief that they are inadequate or at a disadvantage in dating. However, it’s very important to remember that many girls are attracted to shy guys and value their qualities. By working on building confidence and seeking opportunities to connect with others, shy guys can easily find success in dating and forming meaningful relationships.

Is 30 too late to find a partner?

Absolutely not! Finding a partner is not limited to a specific time or age. Love can happen at any stage of life, so there’s actually no need to put pressure on yourself or believe that something is wrong if you haven’t found a partner by 30. There is no exact rule book dictating when dating should start or end. Everyone’s journey is unique and the right person can come into your life at any time. Embrace the present moment and have faith that love can happen for you at any age.

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