Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Sex

These can be the major reasons for abdominal pain or stomach hurt after sex:

  • There may be pain in the lower abdomen after intercourse.
  • Stimulation during sex can also cause abdominal pain.
  • Genital diseases can cause abdominal pain after sex.
  • If you have persistent abdominal pain or stomach hurt during or after sex, contact your doctor.

Introduction – Why does my stomach hurt after sex

Intercourse or sex is an integral part of the relationship between a man and a woman. The growth of family and lineage takes place only due to physical relationships. But in some circumstances, sex can also cause abdominal pain in women. So in many cases, sex can cause stomach hurt after sex in female.

Many times, unbearable pain after sex can spoil the relationship between man and woman and can also cause discord in married life.

Why does stomach hurt after sex in female
Why does stomach hurt after sex in female.

Although pain during sex is not uncommon and worrying, it can become a major problem if it is ignored even after having pain during or after sex for many days.

If you feel pain during or after sex, then you should consult a gynecologist as soon as possible and get yourself treated.

Women can have pain during or after sex for many reasons. Let us know why women or females feel pain after having sex and what are the ways to avoid it! Knowing the cause of abdominal pain after sex, you can see their prevention measures.

What is the sex position?

What is the sexual intercourse position?

In some cases, pain after sex may be due to penetration of the vagina by the penis.

In many sex positions such as missionary or doggy positions, the penetration of the penis into the vagina is absolutely straight.

So, in such a situation, there may be a possibility of pain in the lower abdomen of the woman. In this type of situation, try to get rid of stomach pain with pain killer tablet.

If the male and female partner wants, they can change their regular adopted sex position. Follow these steps to avoid pain during sex:

  • During sex, adopt the position in which the woman is above her male partner. The cowboy position may be the best at the moment.
  • The male partner can also have sex by lying behind the female partner. In this, the female partner’s back will be towards her male partner and both will face the same direction. In this also, there will be no pain in the stomach of the woman at the time of penetration of the penis into the vagina.

Are you pregnant if your stomach hurts after sex?

Pregnant women or ladies often experience cramping after sex. This is because climax can easily start contractions in the womb, which actually causes erectile cramps. This is especially common and not a problem when a woman is in her third trimester of pregnancy. Resting and relaxing your body for a few minutes can actually reduce cramps.

Health experts also say that this problem is more common in women who have become mothers and are young, because women of this age group tend to ignore their symptoms, so this problem increases more in them. The cause of PCS is not clear. However, some kind of disturbance in the anatomy or the level of hormones can be the reason for this. Most of the women affected by this are in the age group of 20-45 years and have been pregnant many times.

Pain after sex can be caused by endometriosis

Endometriosis may cause pain or stomach hurt after sex.

Some physicians believe that due to women being affected by endometriosis, in most situations, there is pain in the lower abdomen after sex.

This condition occurs when the thin wall or lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus. Sometimes this lining can spread beyond the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Pain after sex can be caused by endometriosis
Endometriosis is the reason for pain after sex.

Symptoms of endometriosis

This type of pain can also increase with time. Extremely painful periods (dysmenorrhea): Pelvic pain and cramps may begin before menstruation and last for several days. The victim may also have pain in the lower back and abdomen.

  • Its first symptom is severe pelvic pain during periods. In this, there is difficulty in stretching the muscles in women.
  • Heavy bleeding periods or heavy bleeding between periods. (Monsoon Tips: There is a risk of many major diseases in this season, keep these things in mind)
  • Extreme tiredness, Dizziness. Nausea, constipation etc.
  • Severe pain during or after sex.
  • infertility
  • Pelvic pain without periods.

There are also some such symptoms. Which only happens during periods.

  • More pain while passing stool.
  • Blood in urine
  • Bleeding in the anus.
  • Stay longer in the shoulder.

What is the correct treatment for endometriosis?

There is no cure for endometriosis. Usually treated with drugs or surgery. The doctor may prescribe over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers such as ibuprofen or naproxen. If these medicines do not reduce the pain, ask the doctor about other options.

Actually, it is that part that does not come out of the body during menstruation and remains inside the body.

In this condition, pain starts in the lower part of the woman’s abdomen or in the genital area after sex.

In such a situation, after getting a checkup from a gynecologist, make sure that the cause of abdominal pain after sex is endometriosis.

During your doctor’s consultation, she will want to collect the following information from you:

  • Whether the amount of bleeding that occurs during menstruation is excessive;
  • Do you have severe abdominal pain during menstruation?
  • Gynecologists can detect the presence or absence of endometriosis by a thorough examination such as ultrasound, laparoscopy or MRI.
  • As a treatment, the use of Birth Control Pills or a new medicine can be asked.

Abdominal or stomach pain after sex can be caused by a cyst in the ovary

Ovary Cyst may cause pain after sex.

Cysts found in the ovaries are called ovarian cysts. Their texture is sac-like and they are filled with fluid.

When the eggs come out of the woman’s ovaries, instead of coming out of the body, when they stick in the fallopian tubes, they take the form of a cyst.

Actually, when a cyst filled with fluid pouch emerges in the ovary, it is called an ovarian cyst or a lump in the ovary in the medical term.

cyst in ovary pain
Cyst in ovary pain.

Normally this condition is not harmful. Some cysts, which are small in size, dissolve on their own over time.

This type of ovarian cyst does not show any symptoms on the body, due to which most women remain unaware.

But due to some reasons, this cyst can sometimes burst on its own and can also become the cause of a medical emergency. For this reason, women must get a complete body checkup done by a gynecologist thrice a year.

Women with large ovarian cysts (larger than 5 cm) may face the following problems:

  • Dull or sharp pain in the lower abdomen (pelvis)
  • Irregular periods or excessive bleeding during periods (menorrhagia)
  • pain in the lower abdomen during sex
  • flatulence

Some women may also complain of unwanted facial hair (hirsutism) and pain in the lower abdomen during sex due to ovarian cysts. Not only this but ovarian cysts create a major obstacle in conceiving.

What to do for protection:

  • If the presence of cysts in the ovary is confirmed, then the only solution is to remove these cysts through minor surgery.
  • This surgery can be done in a minimally invasive way, that is, a small incision is made to perform this surgery, due to which the wound does not take much time to heal.
  • In medical language, such surgery is called minimally invasive surgery.

Vaginal infection causes lower abdominal pain after sex

Vaginal infection may cause pain after sex.

Having a vaginal infection or suffering from sexually transmitted diseases can also cause pain in the lower abdomen during or after sex. So, if stomach hurt after sex, the vaginal infection may be the reason.

Sometimes this infection can also spread to the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries.

Following are the symptoms of vaginal infection:

  • abnormal vaginal discharge
  • vaginal burning during urination
  • foul-smelling vaginal discharge
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, this pain can be more or less
  • pain and bleeding during sex

For prevention, if a vaginal infection is detected, antibiotics can be taken on the advice of a doctor.

Abdominal pain after intercourse due to vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness may cause stomach pain after sex.

Vaginal contractions are a common symptom after menopause or menopause. During the age of 40-50 years, when menstruation stops in a woman, the condition is called menopause.

During menopause, gland lubricants present in the opening of the vagina reduce the production of a type of fluid, due to which the vagina becomes dry. In this condition, the woman feels pain due to sex or intercourse.

Abdominal pain after intercourse
Abdominal pain after intercourse.

If you are young and you have periods, then vaginal dryness can be due to the following reasons:

  • lack of foreplay
  • lack of estrogen hormone after delivery
  • if you are taking birth control pills or medicines that contain antihistamines

In such a situation, you must visit your gynecologist. For prevention, if you have pain during sex and feel dryness in the vagina, then you should use lubrication cream during sex.

Vaginal dryness remedies

Lubricants are usually liquids or gels. This gel is applied on the vagina or on the penis of your partner to moisten the vagina before sex. By doing this, the dryness of the vagina ends for some time and there is no problem of any kind while having sex.

Tilted uterus causes pain after sex

In some women, the uterus is tilted back instead of forward, the uterus tilted backward is called a tilted uterus.

In this condition, women do not have any discomfort in normal life, but during sex, due to this changed structure of the uterus, pain can be felt.

Your gynecologist will be able to tell whether you have a tilted uterus problem after your physical examination.

To protect yourself, follow these steps:

  • If the curvature of the uterus is natural, then you can try to reduce your pain by adopting different types of positions during sex.
  • If there has been a change in the original position of the uterus, then the reason for this may be endometriosis. It is necessary to get it treated.

A tilted uterus causes pain after sex

Women experience painful cramps after sex for many reasons, such as excessive penetration of the penis during sex, ovarian cysts or lumps, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, inflammation, ovulation. On the other hand, the only reason for pain after sex in men is swelling in the prostate gland.

Fibroids can cause pain after sex

Some women also complain of having fibroids in their uterus.

What is fibroid?

The lump in the uterus of women is called fibroid. Its size can be as small as moong or as big as melon. Why do fibroids happen? Due to increasing age, hormonal changes or genetic reasons, many women start having fibroid problems.

It is also called uterine neoplasm in simple words. This is a type of lump that forms in the wall of the uterus.

They are not harmful as long as they are small in size and do not cause any kind of pain.

But if these neoplasms increase in size and cause pain, then there is a risk of them turning into cancer.

What is the cause of fibroids in the uterus?

Increased secretion of estrogen and progesterone hormones during pregnancy also increases the chances of getting fibroids. Being overweight also increases the chances of developing fibroids in the uterus. Treatment of fibroids: If there is no problem due to fibroids, no treatment is usually required.

What should not be eaten in fibroid?

Saturated fat: Avoid bacon, sausage, egg yolks, avocados and high-fat processed snacks like cookies and pastries, which are loaded with saturated fat. Red meat: Red meat from mammals and ducks is not recommended for those with fibroids. These foods are likely to be high in hormones, including estrogen.

What to do for protection:

  • Be sure to have a neoplasm by checking for an ultrasound or MRI of the uterus.
  • Then a decision may be made to remove the uterus through medication or surgery to treat the neoplasm.

Conclusion: Stomach Hurt After Sex

If women feel pain in the lower abdomen or vagina or stomach hurt while having sex or after sex, then they should not ignore it in any case.

At this time there can be various reasons for abdominal pain or stomach pain after sex or during sex, about which only a skilled doctor can give the correct information.

Therefore, without delay, after meeting your female doctor, get the right check-up, timely treatment and enjoy the real pleasure of physical sex.

FAQs. – Why Stomach Hurt After Sex

How common is painful sex?

Pain during intercourse is very common. About 3 out of 4 women experience pain during intercourse at some point in their lives.

Why does it hurt during sex?

Pain during sex can be a sign of a gynecological problem, such as ovarian cysts or endometriosis. Pain during sex can also be due to decreased desire to have sex or decreased arousal.

Does any type of infection also cause pain during sex?

Having an infection in your genital area or urinary tract can cause painful intercourse. Eczema or other problems in the genital area can also cause painful sex.

Why is stress associated with painful sex?

Emotions are closely related to sexual activity, so they may play a role in sexual pain. Actually, due to tension, the muscles of the pelvic floor start to tighten, due to which there can be pain during intercourse.

Can certain sex positions also lead to painful sex?

Having sex in missionary and doggy positions can cause pain during sex. In fact, in these situations, the penis goes directly into the vagina, which can increase the chances of lower abdominal pain.

Which sex position should a couple adopt to avoid pain during sex?

During intercourse, if women remain in a cowboy position (in which the female is above the male partner during sex), then this pain can be avoided. Apart from this, having sex in the standing doggy position or table-top position will not cause pain.

I feel pain not during sex but after it, what could be the reason for this?

Women who are affected by endometriosis often have pain after intercourse.

Can vaginal dryness also cause pain after intercourse?

When a woman’s period stops coming, that condition is called menopause. After menopause, the glands present in the mouth of the vagina stop producing lubricants. Due to this, the vagina becomes dry and then it can become painful during or after sex.

Does pain during sex also affect the physical relationship?

When a woman experiences pain during intercourse, she remains under stress throughout the process. Due to this the woman is unable to experience orgasm during intercourse. Not only this, but because of this the desire to have sex also decreases.

How can I reduce pain during sex?

There are many ways with the help of which you can relieve the pain during sex. For this, you can use lubricants to relieve vaginal dryness or give more time to foreplay before starting sex. On the other hand, if there is pain due to infection, then you can take medicine for this.

When should I see a doctor about pain during sex?

Pain in the lower abdomen during sex can be cured by changing sex positions and does not require a doctor’s visit. But if your pain is severe and it is happening regularly, then in this situation, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

How long does it take for your stomach to stop hurting after sex?

This pain can last for a long time and can arise due to many reasons like drug reaction, sexually transmitted diseases, nerve damage, infection etc. Pain during sex in women is called dyspareunia.


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